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Nhon Chau Island Commune – Cu Lao Xanh Tourism is an administrative unit of Quy Nhon City, which is like a “pearl” in the romantic sea of ​​Quy Nhon and has been an interesting destination which is crowded with tourists. Find…

Coming to Quy Nhon fishing port to ask the boat to go to Nhon Chau island you will be enthusiastically guided by many people. After nearly 2 hours of crossing the sea route about 24 km, the boat arrived. On the island even though this season is still bright, take advantage of finding a motorbike to visit.

Sunset gradually let go, the rocky beaches, beautiful beaches also bring wild looks underneath the beauty as if not. From the top of the lighthouse more than a hundred years old, looking towards the ocean, below is the residential area, the bright red tile roofs along the golden sand are shining in the afternoon, shiny green coconut dots demolition makes what you are looking like a fantasy picture. Feeling peaceful in you, the waves seem to rise and the winds caress you. Do we want anything more? Although relieved, relaxed to where you do not rush to answer is not okay!

Night down! If you come to Nhon Chau on a night with shimmering sea moon and blue, red light from fisherman boat. The wind blows through the rocks into the sound of the waves hitting the rocks … Listen, it is not easy to hear the chorus of the wind – of the sea – of the shore in such a fantasy space. Release your heart and listen, feel deeply and then you will see as if the sea breeze is sliding through, playing on its flesh tangible like loving hands. Only on islands can people enjoy the ocean like that, all right!

If you are not afraid of the night sea, experience with fishermen in the near sea. It would be great to follow along with the boat to catch fresh fish nets. Please consider before shaking your head to decline when listening to your suggestions. Because when listening to the feeling of seeing it with your own eyes, being able to take your hand to catch fresh fish leaving the sea, the feeling of receiving gifts of the sea … almost everyone was sorry because they had refused before. Traveling to Cu Lao Xanh Quy Nhon with fishermen is a great experience.

The first time I went to the island, the night was getting late, my new acquaintance said: “I am at the wharf playing a bit more, see if there are any basket boats that have fresh fish I bought and boiled to eat and play.” And then the basket boat went back to the net to return to the shore, the quiet night was “woken up” by the laughter of the mothers, the sisters went to the sea to welcome family members. Fresh types of mercury, pompano, parakeet, squid, etc. are neatly arranged in a foam container so that the next morning the fishermen will send them to the city for sale. We chose to buy some mercury fish… Fresh boiled mercury rolled rice paper … it’s sweet and comes to sleep everyone! ‘

It was morning, the island woke up with its own charm. Anyone first time as well as the “n” time is always suggested to get up early to welcome the island. I will not lose your curiosity! But I promise you a lot of things you’ve read before you start your journey! By fact more interesting what you have read a lot. Seriously, the charm of traveling to Cu Lao Xanh Island – both land and islanders – is not literal, it can’t be described as anything. I haven’t told you the island smile, haven’t told you about the lighthouse that is over a hundred years old, you haven’t come to the rocks here, right? It’s for you. A little open for your curiosity, folklore researcher Nguyen Xuan Nhan said like this: “Being able to take a boat around the island, see which man is the stone lined up, juxtaposed, shoulder to shoulder, straight up arrogant as if he wanted to compete with the ocean waves. Each large rock has its own name such as: Crutches, Ham Frog, Trong Chau, Hon Ket, Buom Buon, Can Hon Hon, Roof … associated with the shape that the stone resembles, or has its own meaning associated with life. fishermen here ”.


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