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Like the Maldives of Vietnam, Ky Co beach (Quy Nhon) promises to be the “hottest” tourist destination, the most sought-after information this year.

If you and your family are not too interested in the familiar tourist cities like Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An, Phan Thiet … Try to experience a trip with many surprises and interesting things to the city. Quy Nhon street is home to Ky Co beach, bringing a pristine beauty with white sand, bright yellow sunshine and clear blue sea.

Only 25 km from Quy Nhon tourist city center, Ky Co is a special beach with a crescent-like coastline with 3 sides facing the mountains and 1 side facing the sea. So you have 2 ways to choose to come to this paradise beach.

From Quy Nhon, you can go to Ky Co by sea to enjoy the feeling of winding each cool wave, watching the charming mountain sea. Or you can take a motorbike or taxi to Eo Gio (if taking a taxi it costs more than VND 200,000) and canoe to Ky Co beach, only takes about 30 minutes by train.

If you like a little experiential trip, you can go by road, starting from Suoi Ca bridge, along Phuong Mai mountain slope to the South, this road is in the process of completion, so it is a bit difficult. go a little, it will suit young and healthy adventurers.

One thing that tourists love very much in Ky Co Island Island is the beautiful pristine beauty of the coastline with spontaneous travel service, but the price is very affordable. You and your family can enjoy swimming, playing with the cool water, while the residents have prepared for you a fresh seafood party made simply by the sea but keeping the delicious taste. very natural.

You must definitely try the rustic but unique flavors in Ky Co such as all kinds of grilled snails, grilled abalone, crabs, steamed squid, grilled scallions and onion … The cost for one person includes Go fishing and seafood from 280k to 300k, a very reasonable price for a great experience.

Bai Ky Co is very suitable for family trips, especially if there are young children, they will be very excited when soaking in a natural pool, catching shellfish, catching snails and playing with them. Small fish hit the shore with waves. Nature has given Ky Co a wonderful creative space.

Big and small rocks folded into many mini-pools with the water level up to the knees of a 7-year-old baby, accommodating about 5-7 people, your whole family can choose for themselves a natural pool and Soak up, have fun in the cool, blue water, very safe for babies. Besides, on Ky Co beach, a series of beautiful caves will appear when the tide recedes. If you have the opportunity, you can experience the excitement and thrill of exploring these mysterious natural cool caves.

And especially, when traveling to Ky Co, ask the boat owner to stop at Bai Pineapple to see corals. With the clear sea water, you only need to equip a swimming goggles, wear a cannon and face it into the water to be able to enjoy watching the colorful coral reefs, including small fishes swimming around. extremely excited.

With a trip of about 3 to 4 days, including air tickets that cost only around 4 million per person, Bai Ky Co – Quy Nhon has become an extremely impressive tourist destination and attracts visitors. Certainly, one who has ever visited Ky Co will always have a desire to come back here, to be immersed in the blue water, to enjoy the paradise-like holidays in this sea.


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