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Wooden bridge on Hon Kho Island – a virtual living place not to be missed

Not only is the name causing a fever online community with the road between the sea, Hon Kho Island also makes young people “stand still” with a wooden bridge close to the cliff on the list of the top 5 most beautiful bridges in Quy Nhon . The blue sky, white clouds, the sea and the mountains make for an extremely perfect background for “virtual living” believers.

The Naughty man walked through Vietnam for 113 days and nights with only 100k and 1 guitar. Located on Hon Kho Island, in Hai Dong village, Nhon Hai commune, about 16 km from Quy Nhon city center, this wooden bridge is currently making people fascinated by its magical beauty.

Referring to Hon Kho Island, many tourists only think of the beautiful cross-sea road here but very few people know about the existence of a wooden bridge located right next to the cliff but above the magical sea to every millimeter how.

To reach the wooden bridge with the most beautiful view of Quy Thanh land, facing the sea, visitors can choose many ways to go. But the easiest way is that we should start from Quy Nhon city center, then go over Thi Nai bridge, go a few more kilometers to reach Nhon Hai island (Quy Nhon City).

If you are a person who likes to experience and love exploring, you can choose to move to the island by basket boat. Ensure this experience you will never forget when mentioning Hon Kho tourism.

Coming here, perhaps the strongest impression for visitors will be a wooden bridge located right in Quy Nhon beach and close to the very romantic cliffs. And one thing is sure that no one can ignore it. Do not check in and release right at the bridge with beautiful view towards the sea.

The highlight is the rustic wooden bridge in the middle of the immense sea, with the combination of the clear blue of the sea and the rustic wood of the wooden bridge will create an ideal background for those who love Quy Nhon beach.

Standing from the wooden bridge, you will see the whole Hon Kho, sometimes the sea is quiet and the sea is rough.In the rough sea season, Hon Kho is like flowers that magically transform, suddenly appear, suddenly dissolve with the identical waves tossing white foam.

In the calm seaside season, Hon Kho invites you to a long white sandy beach, with colorful coral reefs, velvety green lawns and cracked fresh water creeks from the cliffs. Virtual with this beautiful wooden bridge, you can immerse yourself in the clear blue water of Hon Kho beach to enjoy the best moments of rest!

In addition, when coming to Hon Kho, visitors will also experience many other interesting things. For example: diving to see corals under the sea is very interesting, or at low tide, the path between the sea will be revealed and you can walk to the other island by road. It is dry. Experience going through the sea, at the foot of a smooth sandy path with small waves patting the bare feet, will bring you a sense of excitement mixed with a little suspense.

However, the undersea path in Hon Kho is not always possible, you have to wait until the tide comes down, at which point you can go from land to land easily and safely. So if you intend to conquer this road, you should ask the fishermen now water up and down because they are the ones who know best.


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